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Before and After

The Metal Restoration Process

Our restoration process includes following steps:

Identifying each piece and preparing a work order, indicating all the work that needs to be done

Removing dents

Removing engraving if needed

Soldering broken parts

Replacing lost, damaged or missing pieces so that original integrity is maintained


Polishing to remove pits or scratches


Oxidizing to bring out the appearance of patina

From years of experience we do understand that each piece is inherently different and it's very hard to give an accurate quote by telephone or email. But for your convenience we anyways included the repair price list to give you an idea of what can be repaired or restored at Old World Metal Art.

Restoration/Repair Price List

Please understand that all prices are estimates and subject to be changed after final inspection of the piece. Upon receipt of your order, we'll send you a written estimate and wait for approval. When restoration is complete, you'll be notified.

We are not responsible for lost or damaged shipments so make sure your package is fully insured in transit.

If you have any questions, please email us at oldworldmetalart@yahoo.com or visit the contact us page.

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