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Old World Metal Art creates a truly exceptional product with timeless beauty and elegance using ancient metalsmithing techniques such as Filigree, Chasing, Repoussé and Nielo.

Filigree is a french word that means sculpture.

Chasing and Repoussé are often confused. Chasing is working on the frontside of the piece. Repoussé is the combination of tracing and design on front and raising the relief by pressing, pushing, and hammering from back. Repoussé is also a french word and means "push back".

Nielo ia a lot like enameling. We melt silver, copper, lead, and sulfure until it looks like crystalized black stone or charcoal. the powder, or niello, is then put on the engraved surface. By heating the surface the niello goes into the engraved area and the design is set.

Coca-Cola Trophy
Bobby T. Jones Southern Golf Trophy

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