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       Metalsmithing is defined as a skill in working  with metal objects.  For centuries, Metalsmiths have decorated their work with various techniques so as to better illustrate detail and accents.  Two of these techniques are known as “Repousse” and “Chasing”.  Repousse and Chasing is basically raising metal from the back of the metal by using a hammer and tools.  Once mastered, this skill allows one to explore the possibilities of creating designs in jewelry, hollowware, and other decorative arts.


    Learning Repousse and Chasing is a longprocess. It can take months or even years to master these techniques. Under the supervision of Master Silversmith Gia Gogishvili, your dedication and hard work will lead you to achieve the level of expertise you desire.







Classes are offered at Spruill Center of Arts and they are designed for intermediate or advanced students with some metalsmithing experience and include the following:


·         Introduction to the tools and materials for repousse and chasing.

·         Correct use of tools and design transfer on metal.

·         Demonstration of low and high relief by using plasticine.

·         Beginning of a practical execution of project assigned by the tutor.

 ·         Details and texture using pitch.

 ·         Starting on a new project of your own design under the tutor’s guidance.


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You can also contact the artist at oldworldmetalart@yahoo.com


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