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About Us

Old World Metal Art specializes in restoration & fabrication of silver, silverplate, brass, copper, white metal, pewter, bronze, nickel, pot metal, stainless steel, cast iron.

We are proud to add the original value to your family treasures by remarkable, invisible repairs. When it comes to metal, we do repair all: flatware, hollowware, dresserware, churchware, candleware.

What looks impossible to repair can almost always be restored at Old World Metal Art.

In addition to our restoration service we also do replacement-furnishing &installation of missing, damaged parts, such as:

Insulators in ivory, wood or fiber.

Knobs or finials in wood, metal or ivory

Legs, spouts & hinges

Custom Fabrication is done by mold casting & lath spinning.

Meet the Artist

Gia Gogishvili - My Thoughts
"All inheritance is priceless and especially when it comes to ancient skills of metalsmithing and highest quality craftsmanship, inherited from my father and grandfather...

For me, as a child, it was hard understanding the importance of keeping and improving the knowledge. But now, after 20 years of experience, I can proudly say that an amazing nature of solid metal, nature of changing from one condition to another by hammering, melting, heating, casting, or spinning, made me believe in myself as an artist, designer and metalsmith. Made me believe that human nature has enough power to control solid metal if there is strong desire not only to see, but also to feel the metal.

Feeling the metal brought me from one Georgia (former USSR) to another Georgia, USA; from my home town Tbilisi to its sister-city Atlanta, from home college to Georgia State University, School of Art & Design; From my home studio to Estes-Simmons Silverplating LTD.

Inspiration, love and dedication to metalsmithing made me an author of famous 1991 Coca-Cola Trophy and one of the restorer's of Bobby T. Jones 1927 Southern Open golf trophy - the most challenging projects in my life.

Almost 15 years of experience with expert silversmith Dawson Childress made myself an expert in restoration of English and Early American Silver.

And Finally, the knowledge of oldest metalsmithing techniques - such as Repousee, Chasing, Filigree, Nielo, Damascus steel made me not only proud of myself, but proud of my creations - full of ancient history and traditions."

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